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Internet wholesale of underwear・socks・stockingssutetekobizsutetekobiz

An Internet wholesale of underwear, socks, and stockings, "Sutetekobiz"
is a membership wholesale website for corporations, retailers, and business owners.
We have the largest number of underwear products domestically such as Gunze, Atsugi and Fukusuke etc.

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Hanes champion REGART TRAIN ROSEMADAME BVD Private brand

For all corporations・business owners

For all corporations・business

We can provide our service for corporations or business owners in all kinds of industries. Initial registration and annual membership fees are free! Please feel free to register.

Large Selection

Large Selection

The lineup of underwear, socks and stockings is the largest in Japan by connecting with many underwear manufacturers cultivated in business over about 60 years after our corporation was established.

Exclusive Sutetekobiz Wholesale Price

 Wholesale Price

Sutetekobiz can offer our products at "wholesale prices" for members only. Wholesale prices are shown by login after registered.

Good Value for Employees

Good Value for Employees

Since members have an advantage to purchase at wholesale prices, it helps to reduce expenses and improve welfare benefits.

Great Discounts for Large Orders

Great Discounts for Large Orders

In order to purchase many products more advantageously, the shipping fee is free on orders over 20,000 yen.


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"Suteteko Company" which runs "Sutetekobiz" is an Internet mail-order trading company specializing in underwear in Awara city of Fukui-prefecture.Our company was established as a clothing retailer in 1946. Since then, we have been selling products targeting underwear by doing business with many domestic major manufacturers.The main business is currently the mail-order site via the Internet. And we deliver our products to everyone across the country by expanding malls such as Rakuten, Yahoo Shopping, and Amazon with focus on our retail EC Internet site "Sutetekonet".

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